Our company

Dedication, Quality, Commitment and Professionalism

Our Experience

ShamsBarcelona is a group of companies and experts who have accumulated the knowledge and experience of many years of hard work, to devote all the capacity, resources and our efforts to achieve the benefit of our customers at all times. At ShamsBarcelona we believe that teamwork, communication and leadership are the basis of an effective team. We love to design projects tailored to the needs of our clients because we ensure a positive experience.

Our Philosophy

According to our philosophy, the key is to work on what you like, what you are passionate about and what you can dedicate a lot of time to, regardless of the effort, because you are enthusiastic about what you do. Success is in doing what you love. That is part of our philosophy, our company is based on a series of values that we try to follow with the utmost rigour, two of which we strive for the most are Honesty and Customer Orientation. In this way, there will always be people willing to enjoy the experience with us.